Fly-By-Night was my brick and mortar shop in Columbus Ohio, USA from 1995 until 2011.  Fly-by-Night’s mission was to provide sound, reliable information on Nature-based spirituality such as Wicca.

This blog features my thoughts on the philosophy and practice of Wicca and Paganism, on the Mysteries, and general musings on life.

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Psyche North Torok







April is Aphrodite’s month. Indeed, some say this is where the month got its name.

Aphrodite, the Cyprian, born to the sea. Aphrodite the rich-crowned, laughter-loving. She who turns men to love. Aphrodite the Golden One. Aphrodite of the beautiful backside. Aphrodite, Queen of Heaven.

Aphrodite is called by these and many other names. She is associated with Read the rest of this entry…

Have you seen the Goddess, friend?
I’ve searched in all my travels.
I pick up the slightest thread,
her mystery unravels …

      ~ author unknown

It was February, maybe 2001 or 2002. My shop was still in its original location, near the Ohio State University campus. I set up a display for Valentine’s Day, with red candles, books and kits of love spells, and so on. I put a statue of Aphrodite right in the middle of the display.

Mind you, I had always kept Aphrodite at arm’s length. Read the rest of this entry…

That someone you love should decide one day to be a witch may be the last thing you ever expected. What could be more alien, more controversial, more overwhelming?

Your loved one is probably exploring what is commonly called Wicca, or witchcraft. Throw out all the stereotypes and the Hollywood hype you’ve seen or heard about witches. Wicca is actually Read the rest of this entry…

Most Wiccan ritual is performed at night, either in a quiet, private place outdoors or in an uncluttered room at home. They are held to observe the cycles of the moon and the seasons of the year, and to honor and revere the old gods of Nature. Rites are performed within a Read the rest of this entry…

What is Wicca?

Although the origins of the word Wicca are unclear, some speculate that it comes from the Old English word for wisdom.  Wicca is often used as another word for witchcraft, “the Craft of the Wise.”  Many believe that Read the rest of this entry…